8 No-Netflix Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues


We get it, winter. You’ve made your point. The grown up snow days were nice, but now it’s back to work and back to braving the negative temperatures just to stock up on some mac and cheese and wine. So sometimes it’s nice to spend a warm and cozy Friday night indoors. Maybe Saturday, too. And definitely Sunday. You know what? Maybe just hunker down and see who has made it out alive in April.

While Netflix is releasing House of Cards Season Three this week (I will be all up on that, btw), there is more to hibernation than what’s streaming where. So for all of us who need a break from the tube, here are some no-Netflix ideas to beat the Stuck Inside Blues.

1. Keep up with friends

Check out these great cards from HoneyBeeLetterCo on Etsy!
Check out these great cards from HoneyBeeLetterCo on Etsy!

It’s easy to send a text to let your friends know you love them, but it’s even more fun to send a card Snail Mail Style. There are so many cute options for stationary these days (including my friend’s Etsy shop!) or you can make your own. You don’t have to say very much, but the simple gesture of a mailing a note goes a long way. (Plus, you know who LOVES a good ol’ note in the mail? Parents. Send ’em a thank you for giving you life… or for giving you $20. It counts either way!)

2. Find some new tunes

Nothing feels better on a brisk winter day like some hot coffee and a great song. Spend an hour looking for new music on places like Spotify or Soundcloud. Ask friends for local bands in their respective towns or start a mix cd exchange (a la Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). And the music doesn’t have to be hot off the presses– it just has to be new to you. We’re trying to keep summer alive with Simon & Garfunkel and loving the warmth and dulcet tones of Father John Misty.

Can you believe these are vegan? They look delicious! From The Vegan Nugget!
Can you believe these are vegan? They look delicious! From The Vegan Nugget!

3. Make a good meal

Whether you consider yourself to be an amateur chef or a professional foodaholic, making some yummy food with friends and family is a great way to spend a chilly night in. Pinterest is rife with recipes for any experience level, type of food, or budget. Want some comfort food that won’t throw your calories out of whack? Check out my friend’s food blog The Vegan Nugget for fun, easy, and tasty recipes even carnivores will love.

 4. Work it out

It’s hard to find motivation for fitness when it’s too cold to get out of bed. But luckily there’s lots of quick and easy in-home workouts you can do that are cheaper than the gym and a lot closer in proximity to the covers. Jumping rope, Pilates, and yoga are all activities you can do in your own home. There are a million websites like Blogilates and Daily Burn that bring the trainers to you. Or, if you’re feeling confident sweating solo, Pinterest is also your destination for every kind of work out imaginable. Beat those winter blues with some endorphin-boosting workouts!

5. Read

How many times is it acceptable for a gal to reread Harry Potter? Asking for a friend.

Take your mind on a trip to warm sandy beaches or laugh your way through February with the help of a good book. Next time you venture out, pick up a couple at your local library or check out Oyster, often called The Netflix of Books, on your tablet. Need some recommendations? Head on over to That Bookish Boy, where a friend of mine has given us some tips on what to read while snowed in. Other recommendations from us coming soon!

6. Purge your wardrobe

I know, I know, easier said than done. But do you really need four chunky sweaters? When’s the last time you wore your prom dress? And what about all those jeans? Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to get organized, and for me, that usually starts with a clean room. The general rule is if you can’t remember the last time you wore an item of clothing, it needs to go. Places like Goodwill and local homeless and women’s shelters love getting seasonal clothing, and here’s a link to some more options (some of them even pay you!). Plus donations are often tax deductible. Make room for the new spring lines by purging your wardrobe today!

Do you wanna build a snowman hot chocolate gift bag?
Do you wanna build a snowman hot chocolate gift bag?

 7. Take up a new craft

Until I was a seasonal employee at Michael’s Arts and Crafts over the holidays, I never knew all the things you could do with glitter, hot glue, and a little free time. Make your own decorations for holidays or birthdays. Make gifts for friends or mom and dad. Learn to knit, crochet, decorate cakes, scrapbook, arrange flowers– the opportunities are endless! Turn on some of those new jams you found and bang out a scarf or two. It’s productive, satisfying, and pretty darn fun.

8. Practice some self care

Meditate, record some gratitudes in a journal, take a warm bath– these are just some of the many options when it comes to self care. If you’re bitter about being stuck inside (I know I am), take some time to better yourself and get back on track. Remind yourself what’s important to you or set some new personal goals. Reward yourself for completing old ones with an at-home pedicure. The Curly Diaries has some great suggestions for everything from fashion to beauty and more, but I love this post about what to do when you’re feeling blue. Take some time for you, because you deserve it!


Have fun and stay warm, Good Millennials!


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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! And LOVING this post, it’s so easy to get stuck binge-watching Friends but I love the idea of closet purge. Definitely my next weekend project! 🙂

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