Best No-Gift Birthday Ideas!


Birthdays only come once a year, but what if you could make an impact that could last all year long? No one needs more stuff, but coming up with ideas for a fun bday experience can be tough. Good Millennial has some great ideas to turn the day all about one into a day that could help millions. Check it out!

For the Gift Giver

1. Donate to a cause! – Does the birthday girl love animals? Is she passionate about the environment? Does she dig listening to NPR? There’s basically a charity for anything these days, and any donation can make a difference. Especially consider local organizations who could be directly connected to the birthday girl. Use the Charity Navigator to compare options or use to find a local charity or give a charity gift card — you pick the amount, they pick the charity!

Festival fun and no random junk! Win/win!

2. Plan a group outing! – Why buy another thing we don’t need when you can make a memory everyone will love! Get a group of friends to road trip or go camping. Chip in on festival passes. Make a giant, city-wide scavenger hunt! An evening, afternoon, or weekend of fun beats bath salts every time.

3. Commit to volunteer time together! – This is a really cool idea because you and your friends get to have a good time while helping those in need. Build a habitat for humanity, sort items or cans at a shelter or food pantry, or spend some time outdoors and clean up parks. Consider your local charities or organizations that might need help and reach out them — you never know what could happen!

4. Just the two of us! – If you want a birthday (or anniversary) experience for two, here’s some ideas. Hot air balloon rides and private wine tastings are nice, or for the adventurous types, what about sky-diving?

5. Throw a big bash! – When all else fails, THROW A PARTY! Pool your money and throw a bangin’ party that everyone will remember. Watch out for tomorrow’s blog post on parties on a budget.


For the Host

1. Encourage guests to donate! – Grown ups don’t need gobs of gifts, so if family or friends wanna give you something nice, suggest they donate what they would have spent on your gift to their favorite cause!

2. Volunteer party! – Instead of spending $100 on shots, spend an afternoon volunteering together. You save money, you help other people, and you can still go out for post-volunteer beers afterward.

“In the aaaarms of the aaaangels”

3. Dedicate your party to a cause! – Use an organization like Charity Birthday to organize your guests for a cause. Other charities also have ways to donate your birthday, like Heifer International or Charity Water.

4. Bring a can! – Ask your guests to bring items to donate to various local organizations. They can bring canned goods for food shelters, or you can choose to sponsor a family and have guests bring items they need. You could even make it into a competition — see which guests can bring the most recyclables and offer a prize to the winner!

5. Make it an event! – If you have a big group ready to party, make your party count! Host a “telethon” or a “celebrity” poker night, where all the proceeds go to your favorite charities. Have your gathering at a local restaurant or bar, and see if you can get part of the proceeds from the evening to be donated. There are lots of ways to make giving the main event and still have time for cake and ice cream.

Make your birthday count and give to those in need. Keep celebrating BIRTHDAY WEEK with us! Do you have a favorite organization or charity in need? Share below or on FB or Twitter!

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