23 Goals for 23 Years


Every year on my birthday, I like to reflect on all the things I accomplished the year before. In school, in life, in love — anything and everything is fair game for the “I Did It!” list. But I also like to think about all that I have left to do, all that’s still ahead. So I’ve made a list of 23 goals, 23 things I’d like to attempt in the next year (or two, or ten) to make life a little bit better. Maybe you’ll feel a little inspired, too!

23 Goals for 23 Years


1. Make active choices to further my career

2. Feel ownership over my choices and ideas


3. Continue exploring passions

4. Expand the blog

5. Learn how to exercise and take care of my body

6. Accept the messiness

7. Volunteer with causes that matter


8. Take more chances

9. Read, read, read, read

10. Find new music that inspires me

11. Live simply and with less waste

12. Spend more time with family

13. Feel exhausted at the end of the day

14. Take up meditation and/or yoga


15. Find a therapist

16. Make a money plan and begin saving

17. Learn more about taxes and other adult business things 

18. Become an expert in something

19. Travel and see things big and small

20. Care more about gardening and fine wines


21. Live gracefully and with great thanks

22. Practice forgiveness

23. Choose happiness



“It’s all messy: The hair. The bed. The words. The heart. Life…”



Do you have any little birthday goals or traditions? Mantras for the new year?


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