The Ultimate List of Feel Good Feminist Films


Have you been feeling a little down in the dumps? Has all the bad news about the GOP ticket and our planet’s impending doom got you feeling blue? Need a little empowerment boost? Look no further than these inspiring movies that will leave you feeling GREAT and ready to SLAY THE PATRIARCHY. Or, at least you’ll have a fun night in with other cool gals like yourself.



First Wives Club  – Keaton, Hawn, Midler (plus a SLEW of other amazing costars and cameos), revenge, and group singalongs? It’s honestly one of the most perfect movies EVER MADE. Required viewing for anyone with a vagina. Or… just… anyone, for that matter.

Thelma and Louise – The ultimate best friend tale of survival and love. Plus there’s that one scene with Brad Pitt that everyone cares about.

Legally Blonde – “You got into Harvard Law?” “What? Like it’s hard?” CLASSIC Witherspoon.

Steel Magnolias – Jam-packed with badass lady stars, this is a tear-jerker and empowering tale all in one. Special mention for Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine because of course.

Obvious Child – I can’t get enough of this movie. Jenny Slate’s performance is riveting and the writing is superb. It’s an instant classic. I can’t say enough a good things about it. I love it. SEE IT.

The Color Purple – Not exactly a “feel good” movie (it’s REALLY SAD is what we’re saying) but beautiful and incredible and Oprah and Whoopi. … Read this one first, though.

Now and Then – The movie that was always on TBS in the middle of the afternoon in July? Yes! There are about 10,000 amazing women in it and it’s a flashback movie to the 70s when they were impressionable teens. Done and done.

9 to 5 – Parton, Tomlin, Fonda… Sexism in the workplace is NO MATCH for these fierce office queens.

Waiting to Exhale – Based on the novel by Terry McMillan, this story of four friends supporting each other through the ups and downs of relationships will getcha every time. Plus Angela Bassett! Whitney! And more!

Ella Enchanted – Another great telling of the Cinderella story, but with great tunes, cool women, and ogres! (Plus it’s a great YA book!)

Mean Girls – Okay duh. If you haven’t seen this, I’m not sure how you’re still functioning. Get it together.

Working Girl – Melanie Griffith stars with a cast full of greats as a Staten Island secretary trying to make it on 1980s Wall Street. A classic feminist film with funny touches and that fierce theme song – Let The River Run.

The Joy Luck Club – Based on the wonderful novel by Amy Tan, this movie focuses on 4 older Chinese women living in San Fran, as well as on each of their grown Chinese-American daughters. Cultures clash and family bonds are tested, but love wins of course!!!!

Little Women – What is not to love about this gorgeous 1994 classic? Susan Sarandon, Winona Ryder, even little Kirsten Dunst… The beautiful score, wonderful script, and don’t forget about Christian Bale (how could you?) — this will make you cry and want to hug every lady you’ve ever met. 10/10 ALWAYS.

10 Things I Hate About You – Is there anything better than a teen romantic comedy made during the millennium? The answer is no. Julia Stiles, Heath Ledger, JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT, and a host of other familiar faces tame the shrew and rock some dope feminist ideals.

Bend It Like Beckham – Her parents won’t let her play soccer (football, because London) because she’s a girl?! Inspiring movie material 101. Also, Keira Knightly pre-Pirates.

Harriet the Spy – Michele Trachtenberg BEFORE she went bananas on Gossip Girl AND Rosie O’Donnell in one of her BEST performances ever in a great story about friendship and honesty and being a dope spy. Read the book, too.

A Little Princess – Duh. Gorgeous. Also read this book.

A League of Their Own – THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL, but you will probably cry at this movie because it’s amazing and we should all aspire to be Gina Davis is what we’re saying.

We know there are about 1,000 other amazing lady movies out there, so what did we forget? What are some movies that feature empowering stories for WOC? Share below!

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