How have you been? It’s really been too long. How’s the fam? How’s the dog? How’s your Netflix? Just wanted to check in about the most important parts of life (people, pets, TV).

And I also wanted to say… WE’RE BACK!

Let me be real for a sec:

Making a blog is hard. Keeping up with said blog is even harder. I mean, it’s not as hard as being a teacher or a nurse or a Navy SEAL, but it’s not easy. Creating and sustaining your own project is difficult. Whether it’s a rock band, a baking-from-home business, or simply posting things on the Internet, hustling your own passion project takes a lot. It takes a lot of time, focus, and effort (and $$), and sometimes, you just don’t have enough make it work.

I’m saying this because, as you probably have noticed (maybe you haven’t, it’s cool), I haven’t been regularly spamming your social media with links to my blog. And that’s because there haven’t been any links to spam! I’ve been doing other things!

Here’s a list of things I’ve done since the last time I regularly kept up with all you Good Millennials out there:

  1. Moved across the country
  2. Dealt with some family stuff
  3. Moved back across the country to my dream city!
  4. Got a few survival jobs
  5. Had 2-3 emotional breakdowns
  6. Went on lots of auditions
  7. Tried to exercise a little bit
  8. Took lots of improv and acting classes
  9. Read books! Like, more than one! Plural!
  10. Voluntarily ate brussels sprouts
  11. Figured out how to do my hair
  12. Met a bunch of new friends and caught up with old ones
  13. Kept my room clean (kind of)

So, as you can see, my time has been well spent. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but living in a big city is exhausting. So when I come home at the end of the day, it’s hard enough to pick what I’m cooking (read: ordering) for dinner, let alone write a bunch of thoughts down, edit them, market them, add pictures, share it with friends, edit it again, blah blah blah. So what I’m saying is, I’ve been busy. And also, I have felt badly about it.

I mean, just look at all the stuff I’ve missed:

  1. Congress attacked Planned Parenthood (again)
  2. Thousands of refugees fled their war torn countries
  3. Amy Schumer’s rise to Feminist Internet Wonderlord
  4. #Hillary2016 vs #FeeltheBern
  5. More senseless and heinous acts of violence
  6. What the f is happening with the Republican Party
  7. Incredible and affirming rulings by our Supreme Court
  8.  Goodbye, Speaker Boehner
  9. The fall of the Confederate Flag
  10. Something with sports and Tom Brady and balls idk
  11. He Who Must Not Be Named
  12. The Pope was here!
  13. A woman in Kentucky didn’t do her job and went to jail
  14. Cuba and the US are friends again
  15. New Daily Show host

And that’s like THE BARE MINIMUM. I missed so much!! What was I thinking??? This was PRIME fodder for my leftist lady-loving commie pinko super gay internet blog!!!!

I have often thought, “Was Good Millennial just a substitute adventure until I found something better to do?” Or I’ve thought, “Was I just writing because I was bored and had no one to talk to?”

Honestly, the answer to both of those questions is probably yes.

HOWEVER, being away from my pet project has also reminded me how much I have missed it. I have been reminded how much I still need an outlet for my ideas, and how working on this blog kept me involved in the world around me.  It’s OK to have a million things going on at once. It’s ok to do a little of this and a little of that, to let some things go and to take up new ones. I’m 23 years old! Now is the time to try things out.

So, here is my promise to you, loyal readers and/or spam accounts for bird seed and weight loss supplements:

I’m going back to Good Millennial. It may not be every day or every week, but it will be my own brand of regular. If there’s something to say, it will be said. If there’s an issue that should be discussed, we’ll talk about it. If you have suggestions, by all means, suggest them! I’m excited to get back to business and find some balance in the process.

So… Are you with me?

And yes, I just learned how to use GIFs.

See you soon! – Mackie

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