The BEST Feminist Halloween Costumes on the Internet


Tired of searching through 1000 slideshows trying to find the perfect patriarchy-free Halloween costume? Have no fear, because Good Millennial has the links you need to get feminist AF this Halloween.


1. Wonder Woman

There are lots of other options for feminist superheroes, too!


2. The Mean Girls Girls

On Halloween we wear pink #meangirlshalloween

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Bonus points for including Janis or Tina Fey


3. Notorious RBG

Props to this lady who also incorporated Thor’s hammer as her gavel.


4. Tina from Bob’s Burgers

Carry around a unicorn and you’ve got it made.


5. A Tampon

My personal fave.


6. Annalise Keating from HTGAWM

Fashionable suit + trophy + vodka. Want to dress like more of the gang? Click here


7. Birth Control Pills

The Pill! 📅🌛 #thepill #pillcostume #halloween #diyhalloween #buzzfeed #contraception #diybirthcontrol #diycostume #turtleyenough

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Make sure to ask your employer if it’s ok for you to pick this costume


8. Ghostbusters

Wha happa? Norterra Trunk-R-Treat 10/16/15 #azgb #arizonaghostbusters #azghostbusters #az_ghostbusters #ghostheads #gb #Ghostbusters

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She ain’t afraid of no ghosts


9. Hermione Granger

Wingardium levio-DUH this is brilliant


10. Venus and Serena Williams

 All you need is some kickin’ tennis gear, a racket, and some sisterly love


11. Leslie Knope

**Also a good excuse to eat waffles**


12. Kimmy Schmidt

Cuz females are STRONG AS HELL. #wondercon #kimmyschmidt #kimmyschmidtcosplay ❤️

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Candy for dinner + strong females = brilliance



Want some more ideas?? Check out these links below:

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What are YOU doing for Halloween?? Share below or on the socials with @goodmillennial!



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