8 Things We’re Most Excited To See In The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival


After going through two rounds of the entire Gilmore Girls series in less than six months, I can safely say it’s one of the best shows of all time. I know, I know, this is old news. After all, who among us hasn’t wished they could riff along with Lorelai, or listen to music with Rory and Lane, or grab a cup of coffee at Luke’s and stare furtively into Jess’ eyes as he passive-aggressively wipes down the counter?

I guess the universe heard my prayers, because it was announced that Netflix and Warner Bros. recently closed a deal for a limited series revival written by Amy Sherman-Palladino herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four 90 minute mini-movies streaming right into our homes and hearts!!!!!!!!!!

The Internet is going BANANAS (as it should be), so I thought I’d throw in my two cents and share…

The Top 8 Things We’re Most Excited To See In The Gilmore Girls Revival.


8. Emily Gilmore

As frustrating as Emily Gilmore can be (“Just make up already!” – me every time she has a fight with a Lorelai), she’s also the most badass WASP known to man. Her one-liners are as solid as her love for her family and I want to know she’s ok after Richard’s death. Also like how’s the DAR?

7. Melissa McCarthy in Her Best Work Basically Ever

Yeah, I’ll say it: Melissa McCarthy’s best performance on film is as Sookie St. James. She’s sweet and hysterical, and she consistently amazes me with her honest acting chops and comedic timing. Sure, Bridesmaids is good, but the episode with the kid’s birthday party and Sookie’s hilarious food prep/heartbreaking meltdown? GOLD.

6. Jess

I was going to say “Rory’s Ex-Boyfriends: Where Are They Now” but like come oooonnnnn. We are only interested in one thing: WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH JESS?! WHERE’S JESS?! WE WANT MORE JESS! #JESS

5. Luke and Lorelai 

Honestly they better be happy as hell because all that seventh season Christopher nonsense is so painful I can hardly watch it.

4. Stars Hollow

Am I the only one who just misses the town of Stars Hollow? The homes, the shops, the cast of goofy and lovable characters. What has become of Taylor Doose? Babette and Miss Patty? How does Lorelai’s house look? Has Lorelai gotten Luke to update the diner? Good God, what about Kirk?

3. Rory’s career

Since I didn’t watch the series when it originally aired (forgive me, TV gods), it was pretty amazing to watch Rory head out to work on then Senator Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign while I  was living through his second term as President. Would she have known he was to become one of the most influential leaders in United States history? Basically I just want Rory to be doing her dream job and living her best life. TAKE THAT, MITCHUM HUNTZBERGER.

2. Everyone’s kids

Omg seriously so many kids. Sookie and Jasper, Lane and Zack – and what about Luke and Lorelai or Kirk and Lulu? Is April still happening? Or… what if RORY gets married and/or has kids this time around????? Do I want a THIRD Lorelai to carry on the committed bond of female relationships through the generations? I kind of do, yeah! And like whatever happened to Gigi? She must be kind of messed up, right? So many baby questions to be answered and I CAN’T WAIT.

1. Jess 

Obviously. Do you know me? Jess is life. I can’t even fathom the thought of Jess being with someone other than Rory. Maybe he writes a book about her? Is that weird? Just spitballing here. Point is, more Gilmore Girls = more Jess.

And the world needs more Jess.


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