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Hey! I’m Mackie. Welcome to my blog.

I started Good Millennial in February 2015 because I wanted a place to share my thoughts and have conversations with other young people about what we can do to better our community. I was in a low place in my life and I wanted to stay engaged, to hold myself accountable, and expand my relationships with other women. It’s a strategy that’s worked for me many times over my life – when you are feeling helpless, help someone.

It’s been through a few different voice changes and some hiatuses, but now, in January 2017, I’m feeling like my life is on track and so is my work. I want to use this blog as a way of expressing my concern for the incoming administration and uplift female voices and stories.

To me, a ‘Good Millennial’ is a young person who strives to do good in any way she can. That’s what this blog is about.

about me

I am an actor/singer, teaching artist, and writer who hails from the Midwest and now resides in NYC. I grew up in a house of artists and musicians and teachers from whom I learned to value education, self expression, art, and standing up for what’s right.

I created Good Millennial because, as a young, creative person, I sometimes felt undervalued by older adults or adult society. I believe everyone can use another friend on her side. Everyone can use another person (or maybe a bunch of people) telling them they can do it. Giving them advice. Asking them questions. Showing them other examples of young people doing the thing they are meant to be doing. That’s what I hope Good Millennial can be for you.

Yes, a midwestern childhood is quite picturesque and idyllic. Why do you ask?

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi

“If you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” Aung San Suu Kyi

“I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to.” Liz Lemon

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  1. Hey Mackie,

    Some things to check out if you have the time, Catalyst Creative is a a site about “inspiring” millennials…I have a hard time describing the site.

    Tales of Twenty Something’s podcast. Interviews with Twenty something’s.

    Generation Listen by NPR.

    I’d love to see your lens on these sites. Everyone has different values and the world needs all of them to get along.

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